This glossary is designed to help understanding of some of the terms used within our website.

Active Coat

ACTIVECOAT – an effective anti-bacterial powder coating. ACTIVECOAT has been tested by an internationally recognised microbiological testing laboratory for antibacterial performance against the most widely encountered and problematic organisms including the MRSA Super bug and E.coli. These micro-organisms suffered a 99.9% reduction in population

Archive Shelving

Archive – a collection of records. Archive shelving systems are installed in specific locations for record storage and retrieval eg. Patient records within a hospital

Archway Lockers

Archway Locker – the archway locker unit provides 16 storage compartments by way of 2 full height 6 door lockers with an overhead bridging unit providing a further 4 compartments and central hanging rail. Hangers are not provided on hanging rail but can be ordered separately