General Purpose Shelving

Multi Purpose Steel Shelving

When form and function demanded a product which is simple and economical to install, our range of Steel Shelving is ideal for most commercial and light industrial applications. Steel Shelving is a popular choice for a wide variety of public organisations including: libraries, museums & hospitals.

Single Skin Steel Shelving

Single Skin Steel Shelving is a cost competitive system utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to blend strength, versatility and a pleasing aesthetic.

This is a stylish shelving system also offers a wide range of accessories making it a flexible and affordable option for all your storage needs.

Double Skin Steel Shelving

Double skin shelving balances a clean front line, concealed fixings and ease of adjustment to form a premium product. It is ideally suited to the storage of books, valuable documents or files
susceptible to damage from protrusions.

It provides clear uninterrupted access to the full width of the shelf and forms a practical storage solution for all types of installations where aesthetics and performance of stored media are important