HTM71 Mobile

HTM71 Mobile systems are the ideal solution for high volume stock storage. HTM71 storage units are simply fixed onto a mobile track to enable additional storage space within the same footprint, almost doubling your exisiting storage area. Perfect for use within hospitals, this easy to use system can be fitted onto any floor surface and can be relocated within the hospital with minimum disruption.

Mobile HTM71

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HTM71 storage is the recognised standard for NHS Hospitals. In addition to our static range of HTM71 units, we are pleased to be able to offer a mobile option to further increase your storage capacity and reduce your storage footprint.

High Density Consumables Storage

Designed for ease of use and offering high load capacity, our range of mobile HTM71 units and storage baskets are the ideal choice. Quick and simple to operate, the HTM71 storage trays can be easily accessed by simply moving the system with the handle at the required bay.

Simple to fit

A completely freestanding mobile shelving system, no drilling, no fixing down, no messy ground or civil works. It will not damage or disturb your carpet or floor covering in any way. The integral floor provides a secure, rigid and safe platform to walk on.

The system also incorporates an ultra safe anti-tilt mechanism that locks the shelving into the track.