Buyers Guide: Shelving

Choosing The Right Shelving

Making the most out of your storage area is vital to the smooth running of any business / storage facility. Making the right product choice and the right shelving layout can really make a difference to how your business is run. Choosing shelving can get a little complicated, which is why here at MS Storage, we welcome the challenge of providing you with the best storage systems money can buy.

We invite you to take a quick look at the following information designed to help you make an informed decision about your shelving and storage requirements

Shelving Style – what do you need to store ?

Thought should be given to what is going to be stored on the shelving and the frequency of which items need to be accessed .

Choosing the correct shelving style to allow maximum storage potential is imperative. The style of shelving you choose will dictate all aspects of your storage facility, which is why MS Storage is on hand to calculate just how much storage you can fit into your storage space.

The style of shelving you choose will depend on the items that are being stored upon it. Lighter items such as files/stationery will require medium duty racking such as mistral shelving. Pallets and heavier items may require longspan shelving and heavy duty pallect racking. Sterile products for healthcare facilities will require HTM71 or Quartermaster storage systems.

The size and weight of the products being stored should also be considered, along with the number of people who use the system and how often they will require access to the product.

Making the right choice

Selecting the optimum shelving and storage systems for your unique environment can be quite a challenge. Unlike some shelving suppliers, you’ll find that we treat every client as an individual.

To fully explore your options and determine what is possible, we always arrange a free site survey. Our experienced designers use this opportunity to find out exactly what you want to achieve from your storage shelving and work with you to create the solution that will work for you.

Storage area

To select the correct type of system for your use you must decide how much floor space you have available. Static shelving systems offer cost effective storage solutions but require more for floor area. A mobile shelving system provides additional capacity in a smaller footprint.

You will also need to consider

• Length, Width and Height of the area available
• Position of doors / windows / access routes / fire exits
• Floor No - eg Ground / 1st / 2nd / 8th etc
• Floor Construction type - Concrete / Timber / Raised Access / Computer

CAD Design

Once we’ve identified the type of shelving storage system that’s right for you, our technical specification team will create a CAD design layout. Because no two clients are the same, we always create a totally bespoke solution that meets your timeframes, budget and needs

What's Next...

Take a look at our range of innovative storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for mobile shelving, archive shelving, medical records storage or office shelving, there’s bound to be a storage solution that’s right for you.

And don’t forget, we are only ever a phone call away, so if you’d rather talk to a trained consultant, please get in touch on 0845 388 8791 or use our contact form to arrange a convenient time for us to call you.