Audio & Video Storage

CD & DVD Storage Solutions

MS Storage has a proven track record in supplying UK Police Forces with audio and video storage. Having worked with a number of police authorities throughout the UK on specialised storage projects we now offer a range of storage products and storage systems. Subject to enquiry we now offer bespoke,precision moulded, plastic storage trays for CD storage, video tape storage and audio cassette storage.

Audio Cassette Storage

MS Storage initially worked alongside the Police over 25 years ago to help devise a shelving system to store Audio Cassette Tapes.

Plastic cassette storage trays enable efficient storage of audio tapes. The tray accommodates 25 police audio tape cassettes individually with indexed letters for each tape.

As legislation now requires evidence to be archived for longer periods, storage is becoming a problem. These trays are widely used throughout UK Police Authorities and are an accepted standard for the storage of audio tapes.

MS Storage are the sole distributor of this tray system and regular advise Police tape librarians on how to increase their storage capacity.
Audio Cassettes stored on Mobile Shelving

CD/DVD Storage Trays

Video Tape Storage

We offer video tape storage in either reinforced cardboard or heavy duty fibre board boxes. Boxes are manufactured with index card holder and pull handle to suit individual requirement for vertical or horizontal storage.