NHS & Healthcare

MS Storage - NHS contracted supplier for Metal Storage

NHS Supply Chain Contract Ref: NF001208

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Staff Lockers & Nurses Lockers

As an contracted supplier, we supply lockers to NHS Hospitals throughout the UK. Read more about staff lockers

Patient Bedside Lockers

Our Clarity Bedside Lockers have been designed with the modern hospital environment in mind. Read more about bedside lockers

Stainless Steel & Hygeinic Shelving

Our range of wire racking and stainless steel shelving is widely used throughout NHS departments. Read more about stainless steel shelving

Medical & Transfer Trolleys

A range of multi function medical trolleys to suit all hospital environments. Read more about medical trolleys

Medical record Storage

We provide a range of medical record/patient note storage for hospitals, GP and dentist surgeries. Read more about medial record storage

Lloyd George Storage

MS Storage offer a range of shelving to specifically accommodate Lloyd George wallets. Read more about Lloyd George Storage

HTM71 Storage Baskets & Trays

HTM 71 storage systems can be specifically designed to provide the user with the ideal storage facility. Read more about HTM71 baskets

HTM71 Cabinets

HTM 71 Cabinets and HTM 71 Cupboards are essential for efficient ward storage management. Read more about HTM71 storage cabinets